Spiced Almonds  8
Marinated Olives  8
Broad Bean Dip / flat bread  12
Chargrilled Octopus / hummus, sumac  18
Grain Salad / pistachio, barley, lemon, herbs  16
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Corn / green chilli, coriander, quinoa, smoked paprika 18
Cauliflower / tahini, raisins, baby spinach, sesame 18
Silverbeet / garlic, smoked almonds, avocado  18
Zucchini /green peas, sugar snaps. mint, pecorino  18
Heirloom Tomatoes  / mozzarella, basil, black olive crumb 18


Duck /pea puree, crushed beans, szechuan caramel 34
Scotch Fillet / cafe de paris butter  34
Market Fresh Fish  / miso, creme fraiche, broccoli 34
Hand Cut Chips / celery salt, aioli  9



Cherry Sorbet / dark chocolate  9
Passion Fruit Posset / meringue, kombucha  jelly, melon  15
Orange Dream Cake /apricot, coconut, lavender, pistachio 15
Wattleseed Parfait / macadamia, chocolate ganache, raspberry gel 15
Cheese /pear chutney, fig toast  one cheese 15 two cheese 28


Menu Subject to Change

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